About Music Of The Royal Family

Music Of The Royal Family is a hobby which is mainly a help to truly Christ-honoring radio stations. This includes producing and distributing radio broadcasts. Also, we help radio stations to find truly Christ-honoring programs and music. The Music Of The Royal Family broadcast was created to provide both a program and music to stations. I am no longer needed as an employee in radio, so this web site was created not only to help the hobby, but also to provide a learning place as I learn my new area of work: web writing.

In looking to the future, I am expecting that radio which is transmitted through the air will be primarily a thing of the past, but radio programming will mostly come to the people over the internet, therefore, this web site could become a radio station of this sort in the future. I already have experience in programming a radio station.

It is impossible to remember everything to write here, so I ask your forgiveness for those things I have forgotten. It is so kind of you to visit here, and thank you so much.

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