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In our home, we use the words running through the jungle to describe turning the radio dial and listening to each station we find there. For those who want truly Christ-honoring radio to listen to, I provide several stations here for listening online.

I recognize that no radio station is perfect in every way. If you expect one hundred percent perfection, please be assured that none of these stations will suit you. In order to be in this list, the station must adhere to the Music Of The Royal Family Doctrine Standards at least ninety percent of the time, and the Music Of The Royal Family Music Standards at least ninety percent of the time.

Each station has its own method of delivering its sound stream to your computer. I have played every one of them in the computer I am composing this web page with: a Dell Windows Vista Home Premium laptop machine using the Mozilla Firefox browser. I have also used Internet Explorer. I do not recommend trying to listen over a dial-up connection.

Please click on the link of your choice below, and the station will be launched. Thank you for your patience.

Foundations Bible College Radio, Dunn, North Carolina, USA
Harbour Light Of The Windwards, Carriacou, Grenadines
KFBN-FM, Fargo, North Dakota, USA
WTYG-FM, Sparr and Ocala, Florida, USA
WCTS-AM, Maplewood, Minnesota, USA
Royal Station (station of this web site)
WOEL-FM, Elkton, Maryland, USA
WOTJ-FM, Newport, North Carolina, USA
WYTJ-FM, Linton, Indiana, USA


The island of Carriacou, location of Harbour Light Of The Windwards radio station